No powders, no instant mix, not out-of-the-freezer-and-into-the-microwave like they sometime do here in Germany. This is the real deal, make your own, real and authentic falafel (or taamia). Falafels are fried balls made of soaked (but not cooked) chickpeas. Served in a pita with salad and tahini, they are the ultimate vegan street food.


STEP 1: Select your beans. In some countries (Egypt for example) they make them out of different beans – fava beans, sometimes also called broad beans. I like them more, they have more flavor, even though the peel is a bit more rough. Choosing chickpeas, you need to take the larger ones (smaller are better for making hummus). Using fava beans, take the small, brown ones.

STEP 2: Soaking and sprouting. Soak your beans in water overnight. Really overnight, like at least 12 hours. If it gets hot, then replace the water after 8-9 hours. Afterwards, drain them and leave them in a sieve for a day or two, covered with a kitchen towel, making them wet once or twice a day. They will grow little sprouts out, that means the seed is coming to life, which makes it high in nutritional values. The sprouting is not a must, but will definitely make it healthier.


Step 3: Mashing

For a falafel evening for 6-7 hungry people you will need 500 g dried chickpeas or fava beans, soaked and sprouted (weight before sprouting); 1 cup parsley, 1 cup coriander, 3 cloves of garlic, 1 large (or 2 medium) onions, 1-2 chilies, salt, cumin, coriander seeds and 1/2 tsp baking powder. Mash everything together and let it cool in the fridge for at least half an hour.


Step 4: Frying. Deep boiling frying oil. No other choice here. Make balls and throw then right into the oil, make sure that they are completely covered in it. Take them out only when they are brown. Eat Immediately.

Step 5: Assembling the Pita

Hummus, tahini, spicy sauce or Amba are the condiments to spread, one on each side. Tahini is a must, all the rest are up to you. Chopped tomato, cucumber, onion and salted cabbage. Parsley. More tahini on top. You don’t really need more then that.



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