Vegan Pizza Snails

Leftovers are dangerous. I generally hate leftovers, just because I can’t stop eating them. I have something against throwing away good food, edges of vegetables, this last few bites that no one wants to eat, and also the corners of the dough after making your pastry. I think you can always make something out of it. Or at the worst case, just eat it like that.

But sometimes, leftovers are a beginning of a true wonder. Like here. Where I made some large pastry and had some puff-pastry dough left. These ribbons, around 1 cm in width, were only good for one thing coming in mind – to be rolled like a snail. And if we are already talking about snails and leftovers, why not adding another magic word – pizza.

2014-12-11 21.06.51

The recipe is quite simple: take the leftovers of dough, spread some pressed tomatoes or any other tomato sauce on them, sprinkle some herbs – I used hyssop, but probably oregano will fit here best, dried garlic, halved or ringed pitted olives, and any kind of vegan cheese. I used self made cashew cream (handful of raw cashews, ground to powder, half the volume water, 1 spoon lemon juice, 1 tsp nutritional yeast and a pinch of salt, blended together).

Roll the dough slices into rolls, bake in 200 C for 15-18 minutes, until they are golden and solid. Let them cool a bit before diving in.

2014-12-11 21.40.27Wanna make a real vegan pizza? Try this recipe


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