Perfect Brussels Sprouts

Now, when it’s cold here in Europe and nothing wants to grow in these hard conditions, it’s a challenging time for a cook who tries to keep it local whenever he can. Nevertheless, challenges help us grow, and gives us the opportunity to get to know new ingredients.

As many, I was afraid of brussels sprouts for many years. Just small cabbage heads, I thought. But the more I got to know then, the more I learned to appreciate their complex flavor. Like cabbage, but intense. They have this mild sharpness that tickle the edge of your tongue and make you think – what did just happen.

Like roots, brussels grow quite well in this climate. So European winter is a perfect time to indulge them. In this recipe I give them the respect they deserve, and try to maximize the experience of pure brussels sprout flavor. It takes some time, but it’s worth it. You will golden, a bit crispy from the outside but mellow and rich of flavors from the inside.

Brussels sprouts – enough to cover one layer of a deep baking pan when they are really tightly close to one another
Liquid to cover it all: 1/5 apple cider vinegar and 4/5 water
Oil, salt and pepper

Spread the brussels in the form, sprinkle salt, pepper and oil, and rub until they are evenly covered. Cover with the liquid and bake in 200 degrees until the liquid is gone. It will take 1.5-2 hours. Every 20-30 minutes you’ll have to swing them around a bit, so they won’t get burned. The liquids will take all the dark flavors away and will keep them golden. Once the liquids are gone, they are ready. Soft and tender from the inside, a bit crispy from the outside, with a fine, a bit sour glaze around them to give their inner flavor a nice touch. Enjoy.


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