Easy Home-Made Vegan Mayonnaise

Before becoming vegan I was a mayo addict. The first months were sort of rehab, finding new ways to engineer my sandwiches without my beloved white friend. Every attempt to buy pre-made vegannaise ended up with a disappointment. Nothing could really immitate the real deal.

But the idea behind mayonnaise is actually rather easy. Emulsion. And the main task is to find something that will emulsify with oil as good as an egg yolk. And the answer as much simpler than you might think – soy milk.

The first one to construct that bridge for me was SivFood in her wonderful blog (in Hebrew only), and from there the way to reach the perfect mayo was rather easy. You need unsweetened soy milk, and vegetable oil, preferably cold pressed. The kind of oil you will choose will determine the flavor. Don’t use too much olive oil though, it has a very dominant flavor. I personally use sunflower oil, and sometimes I exchange 20% of the amount to another oil for the taste – either olive oil or flax seed oil.

50ml soy milk
100ml vegetable oil
1 tsp vinegar
1/2 teaspoon mustard
pinch of salt

The ratio of 1:2 id important in order to make it work. Put everything in a strong blender and mix until it is solid. It will remain solid for 2-3 days in the fridge.

Variations: from here you could go to wherever your imagination takes you. Add minced garlic and dill, chopped gherkins, or smoked paprika with sriracha sauce and a few drops of sesame oil.  Or just enjoy like that, on a slice of bread and some comforting vegan cheese.



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