Vegan Prassa: Balkan Leek Fritters

So the baked-fritter craze in my kitchen keeps on going, and this time, I used some leeks I found in the market. Leeks are great. They are super-sweet with mildly tangy but with a firmer texture than an onion.

This recipe, a classic among Bulgarian Jews, takes some time to make and have some processes that should be done separately, but the result is a delicacy. In the original recipe eggs and chicken are used to stick the leek together. I used ground oats, that give a wonderful texture and give the leeks and their unique flavor the respect they deserve.

4 large leeks
1 1/4-1 1/2 cups of fast cooking oats, ground to powder
1 medium-large potato
1/4 cup oil
salt and pepper
Optional: 1 bulb green garlic


Start with the leeks of course. Before we can make the patties we need to saute them in order to make them softer and to extract as much liquid as possible. Cut the white and bright green part to half lengthwise and then to thin rings. Saute on low-medium flame until they are slightly golden and lost around half of their volume. If you use green garlic, saute it with the leeks.

Once they are ready, let them cool while preparing the rest. Grind the oats, grate the potato on the small holes of the grater, and once the leeks are cool, mix everything including the seasoning together. You will have to do that with your hands, not with a spoon. The oats need to be mashed together with the leeks and potatoes to make sure they will absorb all the liquids. The amount of oats can vary a little due to the actual size of the leeks and the liquids left. I suggest to add 1 cup first and then a bit more if needed. The mixture should be stable enough to make patties but still wet and sticky.


Make the patties with oiled hands to prevent them from sticking and to keep the outside a bit oily, so it would get crispy while baking. Make them big. Around 2cm in width, so you,ll have a crispy coating and a mellow, flavorful filling. Baking paper, small caresses of oil, 220 degrees, 25 minutes from one side, another five from the second. Serve warm with a dip or cold with a small squeeze of lemon juice. And prepare for them to disappear before you manage to take a picture.




2 thoughts on “Vegan Prassa: Balkan Leek Fritters

  1. I want to make these for Pesach so oats are out. I usually use matza flour. Is there a way I can use Garabanza flour to hold them together so they don’t fall apart?


    1. Sure. You can use Matza meal or chickpea flour, or a mix of both. I would go for the first, since it will keep them more fluffy. The chikpea flour is more dense and will have a stronger flavor.


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