Perfect Oven Fries

I love french fries. They are maybe the best way to have a potato. Unfortunately, when you eat them out, you usually get a frozen version that is maybe crispy but lacks all the flavor. I also hate deep frying, since then my entire house smells like, well, a deep-fryer.

So I tried, and tried, and tried again, and eventually came to this result that, to be honest, is even better than the source. If you keep all processes accurate you get exact fries, that are crispy from the outside and mellow from the inside, with a strong, sweetish potato flavor.

First: chose the right kind of potatoes. Those with the red peel preferably. In case you live in Germany and have a farmer’s market around, for sure you’ll find a potato man there that will suit you with the perfect kind for that.


Second: Cutting. I personally like to keep the peel on, also with fries. It never bothered me, it adds a lot of extra flavor and has most of the healthy stuff. I cut it to pieces which are one centimeter wide in each direction, to leave enough potato flesh that will be soft.

Third: Cooling. Wash the sliced chips under running water and then let them stand in ice cold water. Preferably, water with ice cubes in it. It will increase the heat stroke the fries will get once hitting the oven.

Fourth: Drying. Sieve the fries, take all the leftover ice out, put in a towel and shake well. Make sure there’s no water left.

Fifth: Seasoning. Salt and oil. I prefer olive oil, but any kind of vegetable oil will do the trick. Two cups of fries go with 1/4 cup of oil. Place the fries in a bowl, add the oil and salt and mix well with your hands.

Six: Baking. Spread the fries on a baking pan covered in baking paper. Only one layer, and make sure they have a bit of space, preferably not touching one another. Maximum heat of your home oven, it should be between 230-250 degrees. Make sure the oven is already hot when putting the fries in. They will be edible in around 12 minutes, but you should wait a bit more. They should be nice, golden and crispy in 15-20 minutes. Look at the photo, this is the color you want.

Take out of the oven into a plate, add ketchup or vegan mayo, or maybe pepper and vinegar, or just enjoy them like that. Pure. Hot. The ultimate pleasure.


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8 thoughts on “Perfect Oven Fries

    1. Yes. Also, for the next time, check that your oven is not on turbo mode (that no fans are operating inside), it usually makes the outer part burn faster.


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