Vegan Pumpkin Gnocchi

They are soft and mellow and you can’t stop eating them. Well made gnocchi is one of my weaknesses. But if you have some pumpkins that are left from last autumn and you have no ideas on how to go on them, try this little change in your good old gnocchi and be surprised.

250g potatoes
250g pumpkin (can be replaced with squash)
5 tablespoons pasta flour/fine semolina
salt and a bit of pepper

For serving:
Olive oil
Sun-dried tomatoes
Fresh sage leaves

Start with baking the pumpkin. Place the pieces over a baking pan, peel facing down if you have lower hear or facing up if you have upper heat, bake in 200 degrees until soft (around an hour). Boil the potatoes when they are whole, with the peel, until softened. Let them dry for 10 minutes in the oven when they are done.

It is crucial to drain the liquids out well. After cooking, baking and peeling, take the mixture and hold it in a piece of kitchen cloth and let it drain well. At least an hour. Only then, move to a bowl and add the salt and flour. Mix well and let it rest. If the mixture seems to be too soft, add a bit more flour. Let the mix rest for half an hour for the flour soak all the remaining liquids.

Boil water in a small pot, add salt, and start making the gnocchi. Two spoons will help you create small balls and drop them in the boiling water. Once they float – they are ready. Around 2 minutes, not more.

Move to a plate, drizzle some olive oil on top, serve with chopped sage leaves and sun-dried tomatoes.


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2 thoughts on “Vegan Pumpkin Gnocchi

    1. Never tried rice flour, could be an interesting experiment. Tried chickpea flour once and it wasn’t good. But rice could definitely do the trick. Let me know how it goes if you try it.


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