Vegan Puff Pizza Roll

Growing up in Israel you are exposed to all kind of fusion food. Something about this mix, of immigrants from both European and Arabic heritage settling in the middle east, while each bring its own influence creating an exciting local cuisine.

So Israel has a lot of special, unexpected dishes to offer. For example, it’s the only place on earth where someone can get a schnitzel in a pita topped with hummus. Or, like what I’m going to veganize for you today, to do a Balkan burek stuffed with pizza.

Puff pastry is the base for this magical dish. It is covered on concentrated tomatoes, topped with home made nut cheese and some other pizza toppings like fresh herbs and black olives.

Ingredients for the vegan nut cheese:
1/2 cup bleached almonds
1/2 cup cashew nuts
juice from 1/2 lemon
1/3 cup warm water
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon nutritional yeast

Ingredients for the pastry:
2 tablespoons tomato concentrate (you can replace 1 with vegan red pesto)
1 roll (250-300g) puff pastry
pizza toppings (I used chopped basil, oregano, thyme, red onions and black olives)
1/2 teaspoon dry chili flakes (optional)
Nigella seeds for topping (can be replaced with sesame)


Start with making the cheese. Mix the nuts in the blender until you get a fine powder. Then add the lemon juice and water, mix until you get a smooth paste. Add the yeast and salt, and blend again.

Spread the roll of dough. Rub the middle with the tomato concentrate. Spread the herbs, chili and onions. Place the cheese in two columns, horizontally. Place the olives right next to it.

Start rolling (see pictures above): Start with rolling one edge over the the first column of cheese, then do the same with the other one, making sure they will meet in the middle. make the dough edges tight on all sides. Place one column over the other and flip, so the connection will face downwards.

Rub the top of the pastry with wet hands and spread the nigella or sesame seeds. Place on baking paper. Bake at 200 degrees until golden (around 20-25 minutes).


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